The Truth About Sex: The Physical, Emotional/Psychological and Spiritual Effects of Premarital Sex


Sex is a great gift from God to His children, but there is a deeper truth many don’t know about this gift. Consequently, they miss the full benefits it has to offer.

Yes! Sex is beyond what you know about it. While the world says sex is good and uses almost everything, particularly the media to promote it, no one tells you the truth you should know about it and the negative or damaging effects it brings when one engages in it before (or/and outside) marriage.

To break this imbalance, Daniel took the step to unveil the mystery behind the act of sex and addresses the need for total abstinence until one is married.

This book, THE TRUTH ABOUT SEX is for everyone who wants to enjoy to the fullest, the purpose of sex and fulfill their desired future.

Yes! If you love to be truly happy and live your best life as far as sex is concerned, then, you are just in time and lucky to be in touch with this book.

Sex is a mystery and before or outside marriage, it is a forbidden fruit. In this book Daniel (using biblical, scientific and practical lens), will open your eyes to see the mystery behind sex and why premarital sex (or/and extramarital sex) is indeed a forbidden fruit, especially for teenagers and youths.

Do you want to enjoy a sex life void of regrets, have a happy relationship that leads to a fulfilled marriage, and actualize your dreams of a better life? Then, read this book; digest it and have your life positively transformed in a way you will forever remember.

Specifically, here is a preview of what you will learn:

  1. The truth you need to know about sex.
  2. When to have sex and get its full benefits.
  3. The mystery behind sex (from the physical, psychological/emotional and spiritual standpoints).
  4. The reasons premarital sex is a forbidden fruit. The physical, psychological/emotional and spiritual effects of sex before marriage, especially on teenagers/youths.
  5. The most important decision you can ever take in your life.
  6. And lots more…

Order your copy NOW and know the truth about sex so you can enjoy its purpose and benefits to the fullest.

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