The Next Most Important Thing To Know After Knowing God

If you’re asked to describe your identity, or your life purpose in a sentence, what would you say? Assuming you have been fast asleep and you’re suddenly woken up and asked to say out your life purpose, what would you say?

See, if it takes you more than 5 seconds to explicitly express who you are and the assignment you are here to do on planet earth, I unequivocally say that something very crucial is out of place in your life. I do not mean to be harsh to you, it’s just the truth and if you hate to hear the truth, then living your best life becomes a mirage.

I want to challenge you with this post. If you are reading this and you don’t know what you’re living for on earth, declare an emergency meeting with yourself, to discuss how you can sort this out. Doing this is vital because after knowing God, the next most important thing to know to live fulfilled is your life purpose, the essence of your existence on earth in this era.

Have you ever wondered why God chose to bring you to this earth in this time? There is a reason why you were not born in the Bible days. There is a reason why you were not born in the 19th or 20th century. God saw a need to be met on earth in this generation and so designed you exclusively to meet that need. That need is your life assignments or purpose.

The earlier you dig this out, the better life becomes for you and those who are waiting to benefit from the actualization of your purpose. And the more you delay the discovering of what you have been built to carryout, the worse life turns for you and those whose destinies are attached to yours.

Yes, so many destinies are attached to yours. By this I mean, there are people who can only succeed in life by your success. That is, your failure to unleash your potentials means their failure to live their best life.

Imagine what the world would have become today if the inventor of electricity had folded his hands. Think of how difficult travelling would have been if the inventor of cars, ships or airplanes had lived without living their purpose.

More so, if the writer of this article just folded his hands and kept his knowledge to himself, imagine what would become of those who will read it and have their lives changed by it.

The list is inexhautive.

You’re not here to earn salary, marry, bear children, live in big houses, drive big cars and then die. Living for just these things is more or less a waste of life.

You exist to make the world a better place to live in. You live to make life easier and better for others to live. Failing to fulfill your purpose is denying the world the gift God gave you to hand over to them.

Having or achieving all these without making positive impacts on lives is a waste of purpose. While God desires all these for you, he is much more interested in seeing you using them for the benefit of mankind.

What matter most in life is not what you have or own. But what you do with what you have or own. And mind you, what you have is not even your own; it’s given to you on loan by God.

What are you living for? What purpose are you created to fulfil on earth? If you already know, good. If you have not, like I said earlier, call an emergency meeting with yourself to settle this. And more importantly, after knowing your purpose, start fulfilling it. Because it is even worse to discover purpose and not live it than to not know it in the first place.

I wish to stop typing at this point, believing that, what I have shared is more than enough to change your life IF you act on it. So I encourage you to go act on what you have just read.

I value you.

Thanks for reading and your determination to become a happy better you.