The Happy Better Student

The Happy Better Student: 26 Keys To Study Better, Improve Your Grades And Become A Successful Student

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Consider the following situations if anyone applies to you.

  1. I find it hard to study even when I want to.
  2. There are subjects/courses I hate to study and would love to develop interest in them so I can study them better.
  3. I have so many tasks/activities to attend to and don’t know how to effectively manage my time.
  4. I often procrastinate and don’t see the need to study for examinations until it’s almost too late.
  5. I can’t study and remember. I easily forget after reading.
  6. I’m overwhelmed with challenges and don’t know how to successfully handle them.
  7. My grades are poor. I really want to improve them and become a a happy better student.

Does any of the above situations describes you? If yes, then you need to read this book “The Happy Better Student: 26 Keys To Study Better, Improve Your Grades And Become A Top Student.”

After reading this book, you will, you know:

  1. The important goals you need to set for yourself to achieve every semester/academic year.
  2. How to set achievable academics goals and the strategies to achieve them.
  3. How to develop self-confidence and overcome the fear of failure.
  4. How to overcome procrastination and focus on your studies.
  5. How to stay organised in spite of many activities.
  6. The strategies to handle difficult subjects and successfully pass them.
  7. How to develop interest in the subject you hate.
  8. The ways to overcome distractions and stay focused on your studies.
  9. How to study and permanently remember without cramming your works.
  10.  Possible challenges and how you can successfully deal with them.
  11. Proven timeless time management strategies you can use to maximize your limited time and get more done in less time.
  12. And many more…

This book is a must have tool if your desire is to become the happy better student you desire to be. Procrastination is a killer disease. Grab your copy today and equip yourself with the keys to gain access into your academic room of success.

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