So You Want To Be A Better Writer? The First Thing You Need To Know

In life, attaining any set goal is possible, no matter how big is the goal, and writing is no exception.  Whatever height you desire to reach in the business of writing – a world acclaimed writer or author, blogger, content creator, etc. – is possible. But there is this one thing among many other things that you need to know and stick to if you must achieve your dream of becoming a better or professional writer.

Yes, I have carefully chosen this to get you started on your journey of becoming the professional writer you desire. Now, what is that first thing you need to know to achieve your dream of becoming a happy and successful writer?

It is simply…

Simply what?


The first thing you need to become a highly successful writer is the necessity of the attitude of commitment.


Yes, no man attains great altitude in the business of writing if he lacks the attitude of commitment. What is commitment?  Commitment is the umbrella word for discipline, consistency and determination.


The ability to write and keep writing even when you don’t feel like it. Becoming a better and successful writer demands that you write every day even when you are being confronted with writers’ blocks. As a beginner, there are days you will be reluctant to get your hands on the keyboard or get the pen on a plane sheet to begin writing.  In the court of reluctance, it is only discipline that can help you overcome procrastination to write.


Getting better in writing is akin to learning how to ride the bicycle. If you can ride the bicycle, then you will understand me better. You cannot master the art of riding a bicycle if you are not consistent in practicing it. Taking a walk down memory lane, you know it took you days (maybe even weeks) of consistent learning to master bicycle riding. So it is with writing. Do you want to improve your writing skill? So you really desire to be a better writer? Then your hands must be clothed with the gloves of consistency such that you write something every day; not once or twice a week but every day even if it is only a page.


So you want to be a better writer? You must refuse to quit and keep on writing. As a newbie, you must be determined to write – ready to work hard and not give up until you have reached your milestone. Has any writer told you that writing is easy? If yes, he may not be wrong. I said this because he has mastered the art, and so it no more seems like a burden to him.

Again, let’s consider the example of the bicycle. Today, when riding the bicycle, do you still find it difficult as it was when still learning how to ride. Not at all. Why? It is because you have mastered the art of riding it. My friend, writing and becoming a better writer requires high level of determination because it is determination that makes hard things become simple to do.

So you want to become a better writer? The first thing you need to know and exercise is the attitude of commitment to writing. Disciplining yourself to write, writing not once in a while but consistently with great determination. In a sentence, to become a happy better writer, you must know that readiness to pay the price is a necessity.

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Again, remember that in you lies the potential to become a very successful writer. You can. Believe that you can; then begin with commitment. I assure you, you will achieve your dream of becoming a great and successful writer.

Hope you find this piece meaningful and helpful; or…? Your feedback will greatly help me serve you better. Leave a comment below.

Thank you.