Overcoming The Challenge Of Teenage/Unwanted Pregnancy – Part 2: The 100% Sure Way For Preventing Teenage/Unwanted Pregnancy

how to manage unwanted pregnancy

In part 1, Overcoming The Challenge Of Teenage/Unwanted Pregnancy – Part 1: 12 Helpful Tips I shared 12 effective ways of coping with the challenge of an unwanted pregnancy. I strongly believe their efficacy; they are result-producing. But come to think of it. Which is better? Preventing a problem from occurring or allowing it to happen and then go through pain to manage? Which of them would you take or recommend for a loved one? The latter of course.

This is because, dealing with a problem goes with it some pains and inconveniences. And when it comes to dealing with the challenge of a teenage or an unwanted pregnancy, one might suffer some consequences which might be lifetime. So it is better that it is prevented than falling a victim and look for 12 effective ways to cope with it.

Before we fully get into the discussion, let’s say you, together with majority of others currently face a problem; a challenge no one has been able to proffer a lasting solution to. And suddenly, here comes an announcement that the way-out from the prevailing plague has been found; what would be your reaction? Of course, you would jump up excitedly and wouldn’t wait to follow the recommended step.

As a teenager or an unmarried youth, have you been struggling with the fear of having an unplanned pregnancy? Do you really want to continue with your studies or life without the sudden and unexpected news of pregnancy you never prepared for? Would you want to be free from the pains involved in having an unwanted pregnancy? Then, I’ve got great news for you; here is the solution.

I wrote this part 2 of the series to address how you can prevent an unwanted pregnancy. I call it the 100% sure way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In this article, you will learn the way to be totally free from falling a victim of the challenge of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and get on with your life as desired.

Without any opposition, coping with an unwanted pregnancy is greatly challenging. Choosing to keep the life of an unborn child over an abortion option is the best decision you can take for yourself and your child. And although sparing the life of your unborn child is rewarding, it is not without some sacrifices or better still, inconveniences.

And because it only takes great courage to get on with these challenges, many are not able to survive the process. Hence, they end up destroying the precious life of their unborn baby, and in some cases, their lives follow the same way; they also lose their lives alongside the child’s due to arising complications. And where they survived the process of the abortion, they forever live with the regrets and pains that are associated with it.

In the part 1 of this series, I shared a story of a young lady whose womb was removed in the process of an arbortion. This means that she would have to spend the whole of her life without giving birth. Would you want to experience this? This is not God’s desire for you. He does not want this to be your lot and I do not also want it for you either.

So to help you, especially as a teenager, or youth who have a great future to fulfill, avoid all of these (the pains, regrets, consequences and the like, that go with abortion, or the challenges and the inconveniences you have to cope with for choosing to keep an unplanned pregnancy), here is a strategy to adopt. Because of the effectiveness of this strategy, I call it “The 100% Sure-Way For Preventing Teenage/Unwanted Pregnancy.”

Now, you may ask, “What strategy could be 100% effective in preventing an unwanted pregnancy?” Is it contraception? No; it is not.

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Contraception measures are deceptive

Many rely on the use of contraceptives as a way to prevent pregnancy. The fact is that all forms of birth control (contraceptives); be it condom, pills, cervical cap or the others, are not effective. In other words, they are not reliable.

For example, according to the nonprofit advocacy group, Planned Parenthood condoms are about 85% effective in preventing pregnancies. This goes to show that out of 100 females whose partners use condoms, 15 of them will still become pregnant during the first year of use. As a matter of fact, these things do not carry out the job you employ them for. They waste your money, energy, time and yet, the work (of helping you stop a possible pregnancy) is not done. So this makes their use a wrong option. Do not consider them.

Let’s keep going.

Now, let me show you the 100% way-out from unwanted pregnancy.

The 100% sure-way to stand aloof from that pregnancy you wouldn’t want to have because it’s not the right time for it is…

…simply, total abstinence. Yes, I mean, absolute abstinence.

What is abstinence?

Generally, abstinence means the practice of abstaining, refraining from indulging a desire or appetite. But within the context of this article, abstinence is the act of abstaining from pre-marital sexual activity. Total abstinence therefore means saying a capital ‘NO’ to sex as an unmarried person or to a partner who is not your husband or wife. Yes, this is the most effective antidote (with 100% reliability) for preventing the pregnancy you are not prepared to keep, and not contraceptives (pills, drugs, condoms, etc.).

As you read this, I encourage you to take this recommendation as it has a 0% risk of failure or disappointment when applied. For sure, you will testify that it indeed works best because the good fruits it produces will be evident in your studies, ministry, career, marriage, relationship with God, and of course, life in general.

The possibility of applicability

Now you ask, “How is this possible for me as a teenager or youth?” Yes, abstaining from the pleasure of premarital sex may not be easy but it is possible. I mean, it is very possible. Many young people like you have been applying this strategy and it’s working for them. Yes, I can attest to this because I’m a living testimony.

How is it possible then? A similar question was also asked by David of the Bible and he at the same time gave the answer.

See Psalms 119:9 (TLB)

How can a young man stay pure? By reading your Word and following its rules.

In other words, David, was asking how a youth like you can maintain total abstinence from pre-marital sex and not fall a victim of sexual perversion that leads to an unwanted pregnancy. And what is the “how?” The ‘B’ part of the verse says: “By reading your Word and following its rules.” Put differently, by constantly feeding on God’s Word and using it as a weapon of attack and defense against the pressure to satisfy your sexual urge. Yes, that is it!

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If other young people (with blood and flesh) as you and I can totally say ‘NO’ to sex before marriage, then me and you can also do so. If I can refuse to give in to sex as a single, you can as well do it. All you need to do is to take the decision; a strong decision and discipline yourself to stand by it, by following some necessary practical steps as you renew your mind daily with God’s word and pursue the goals that matter to your life purpose.

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And what are these practical steps? That I will share in part 3, which is the concluding part of this series. As I conclude this segment, take a drastic decision never to go for any of those things called contraceptives again. You don’t need them anymore having known that abstinence is the 100% sure-way to avoid being a victim of unwanted pregnancy.

This is the part 2 of this series – Overcoming the Challenge of Teenage Pregnancy.

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I love to hear from you; your contribution on what you have just read. Share your thoughts in the comment segment.

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