No Matter The Condition, Don’t Make This Mistake Especially If You’re Unmarried

Let me say this before anything. This post is for everyone – teenagers, youths, students, teachers, parents, singles, the married, medical professionals, etc.

In this post, I want to share with you a big mistake that destroys the future happiness of young people. Many people who would have been happier and living better today, especially in their marriages, are living in sorrow, regret, pain, guilt and the like, just because they made this mistake which I will be sharing with you in a few seconds. Many knew that what they were doing was wrong but refused to stop it. After a time, having made this mistake, many desired to make amends but it was too late. Today, they are suffering the heartbreaking consequences.

I want to help you avoid this grievous mistake that have put many in a perpetual state of pain so that you won’t have to suffer the same way.

Now you ask, “What is this mistake?”

It is the terrible mistake of killing your unborn innocent baby on the table of abortion.

Yes, this is it. You’re jeopardizing your future joy, especially later on in marriage when you deny an unborn baby his/her life on earth.

Discussing in full detail this subject is beyond the scope of this article. However, as space can allow, I will open your eyes to see some reasons why taking this decision is destructive to your future.

Please, take this article very serious. It has a great bearing on your future happiness. So, read carefully what I want to share with you now. Taking the life of your unborn child through abortion can do to you the following:

The Seemlingly Simple Act Of Abortion Can Make You Become Childless For Life.

Concerning this, I want to make a strong point. But just before you ask me what facts I have to proof this, let me first put it to you that, I neither have any scientific proof nor biblical reference to back up the point I want to make now.

Although I don’t have any scientific or biblical reference to support what I’m about to say, I know that it’s a fact of life. To let you know, I did not read it anywhere and did not also hear it from anyone. It’s God that gives inspiration, and believe it or not, I know that it’s a fact of life. However, if you have any medical research or biblical reference to support this, you can present it in the comment section below.

Here is the point. Every woman is created with given number of productive eggs in her. You can also call them fruitful eggs. These are the egg cells that can be fertilized by the man’s spermatozoa (sperm cells) to form a zygote (a developing baby). This number varies from one individual to another.

For example, while Lady A may have 5 productive egg cells, Lady B may only has 10. For those with just 3 fruitful eggs, it means they can only give birth to 3 children in their whole life. Now, when a woman with only 3 eggs aborts a pregnancy, the number of her productive eggs are reduced to 2. It becomes 1 if another abortion is done. And finally turns to 0 if a third abortion is carried out. Once this happens, she would never be able to become pregnant again for life except God performs a miracle – which you can’t tell would happen.

Many married couples who are praying seriously even for a single child today in their marriages were those who aborted series of babies in their past life. Then, they called them, “unwanted pregnancies.” But now, they are in need of even one pregnancy. Then, they thought they were wise and smart. They gave some seemingly plausible reasons why they must abort the pregnancy such as:

(a) “I am still a student. I can’t drop out from school; my education is more important to me now.”

(b) “I’m not financially buoyant now to take care of a baby.”

(c) “I don’t know or want the father of this baby in my womb. Me, give birth to a bastard? God forbid!”

(d) “I cannot bear or face the shame of carrying a pregnancy out of wedlock.”

(e) “If my parents find out that I’m pregnant, they will deny and abandon me.”

The above list of excuses is not complete. There are other reasons why people take the step of terminating the life of their innocent baby without the feeling of guilt. If you’re presently considering abortion, one of the above may be your reason. Or, you may even have a reason different from the ones I already mentioned.

Read on.

Many who have done this mistake went on killing one baby after the other until they finally exhausted all their productive eggs. To them, they were wise and smart, but little did they know that they were destroying their only children. Today, in marriage, they are in need of even a single baby; but it’s not coming. Now, they are ready to spend millions of dollar on medical treatments just to be able to have a child. In a bid to find solution to this, many move from one prayer house to another, and are ready to carry out any form of fetish sacrifice, provided they get a child. Now, tell them to go to a 3-junction stack naked in the middle of the night and they won’t mind; fear won’t stop them. Many have been molested and others are ready to be abused sexually by false prophets in the name of prayer and deliverance, all because they need a baby (even if it’s just one).

Now, dear reader, let me ask you this. If these same persons knew that the killing of their unborn child would cause them the pain they are now going through, would they have done what they did? Of course they wouldn’t. No matter the ugly conditions/circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, or – the future dream of becoming a graduate, etc, they would have decided to cope with the shame, pain, or inconveniences of raising an “unwanted” child.

I’m still on the first reason why abortion is a great mistake that you should not make and the post is already getting too long. May be I will have to pause here, but I don’t know if I will continue on this in later posts. Thank God I already have a book on this which I hope to release soon God helping me.

But just before we end this discussion, I want to encourage you, who is reading this now. Maybe you are a teenager, youth, an adult, a parent, or anybody; never support the killing of an unborn innocent baby. Like we said, if those who did it in the past knew it would cause them continual pain today, they would not have done it.

Perhaps you’re a student or someone who is not ready to bear the responsibilities of motherhood or fatherhood (become a mother or father) yet for one reason or another. I entreat you; please don’t take the risk in case you fall a victim of an “unwanted” pregnancy.

Maybe you’re in a love relationship where you get involved in premarital sex with your partner. If you know you are not ready to take up the responsibility of a mother or father yet, I beg you to stop. I remembered an article where I shared 6 lies people tell you about sex which you should not accept. One of these lies says that, you can have safe sex with the use of contraceptives, e.g condoms.

Don’t rely on contraceptives (be it condoms or whatever) to prevent pregnancy. From research, condoms don’t give 100% guarantee of pregnancy prevention. They are not reliable, and even if they are, think of the heartbreak and the other negative spiritual implications of having premarital sex.

Nevertheless, in case it happens that you become pregnant, do well to keep the unborn baby even if you’re not ready to welcome a child into your dear life.

You may say, “I will do it just once and not try it again because I can’t bear it.” Now, I ask you, “What if it’s just one productive egg you have and that is what resulted into the pregnancy you want to abort now?” If this is the case and which can really be, choosing abortion as the only available option means you have destroyed the only child you are meant to have for life. So, I urge you, take the lesson in this article very serious. Put it into work and preserve your future joy and happiness especially in marriage. No matter the condition or the painful experience you think you will go through for keeping that baby, do not make this great mistake – the decision of killing your unborn innocent child. It may be your only child for life.

Just before I conclude, let me say this. If you’re currently in the shoes of those in dire need of a baby. Please, don’t feel bad or become depressed if you have actually involved yourself in the act of abortion in the past. Surely, God is merciful and can turn things around for your good. I join my faith with yours for a miracle. Meanwhile, be free and move on happily with your life.

Thanks for staying with me to the end of this discussion. If you have really learnt something from this post, you can share it. You can’t tell; you might just be saving a soul and helping someone to secure his/her future joy.

God bless you.

I’m Oghovemu Daniel Okpu. My passion in life is to help people become the happy better version of themselves, unleash their highest potentials and live their best life.

Today, become a happy better version of yourself, unleash your highest potentials, and live your best life.

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