Living Your Best Life In Year 2020: 2 Key Areas You Must Not Ignore

Dear Potential Carrier, I hope this is not coming late. If you are just hearing me call you Potential Carrier, you may wonder what that means. Yes, you are a potential carrier because no matter your current state of life, you carry in you the potential (hidden ability) to live that your dream life. Considering your present challenges, you may have lost all hope and concluded that it is all over, but today, believe me, there is still hope for you. I know this because as long as a tree is still alive and rooted, it can grow up again no matter the number of times it is cut down.

Well, that is not the main message I have for you for today. I only mentioned that to let you know you are more what or who you think you are.

In the next few lines, I will be sharing the topic, “Living Your Best Life In Year 2020: Practical Steps You Must Not Ignore.”

Living today with the future in mind is key to achieving your dream and the best life you desire. In other words, ending the year, 2019 with the next year in mind is vital if you must have a happy better new year. You may ask, “Why talking about 2020 at this time?” Yes, I am sharing this now because, the earlier you start making plans for the newyear, the better it is.

It is only those who live today in preparation for the future that finally arrive there with joy. You can read that again.

Focus on the ultimate and not on the immediate

The immediate is what appears to be urgent, something you have the freedom to enjoy today. Examples are: sex, expensive phones, wears, wrist-watches, cars, food, etc. at the detriment of the future. The ultimate is your dream or that happy better tomorrow/future you hope for.

As a young person, do you consider the future as you live today? Or you focus on just today and forget tomorrow? As a parent, do you only think of how you can provide the best of material things for your children today? Or you are setting up systems to secure their future? 

To live happy and better tomorrow as an adult, you must learn to discipline yourself even if it means enduring hardness or tough times today.

To be carried away by the present or immediate desires and forget the ultimate (the most important thing, your future) is the height of foolishness. I say this without an apology. As an individual or a young person, you must know that not everything you desire to have today is actually needed. Some of the things you enjoy today may be apparently good but their future effects on you are negative.

In few days time, we shall be saying good bye to year 2019. You can just imagine how short ago we shouted, “Happy Newyear” and now it is almost the end of the end again? I have always mentioned that the future is NOW; not tomorrow. So if you don’t live today well, tomorrow will appear like a dream and it will not be well. It is not a curse; it is a law. Believe it or not, so it is. So, you do yourself good if you believe it and obey the law.

Briefly, I will touch a few areas where you need to focus on the ultimate and not on the immediate.

  1. Relationship

In this season, many teenagers/youths are eager to start a relationship believing that, it will make the approaching Christmas/newyear more enjoyable. For the female folks, they want to buy this and buy that. So, they are quick to say ‘YES’ to anyone that asks them out without considering if the man will help them achieve their ultimate – their dreams. All they focus on is the immediate gain, unknowingly subjecting themselves to future pain. Dear sister or lady, be careful of this season. Your ultimate pleasure is more important than the immediate enjoyment. So, let that be your focus. If you know that man cannot help you protect your future, don’t give in even if he promises you all the immediate gain you desire.

Dear gentleman, be careful of your today’s decisions, especially now that the end of the year is fast here again. I know you want to prove to that lady that you are the best man on earth any woman can be with. You love to take her out, buy her the latest android phone, the most expensive wears, etc. I know you love to measure height with your friends who drive the best of cars, live in the finest of apartment, etc. But while you do this, don’t lose focus on the ultimate, your future. Remember that any association or relationship that is not moving you closer to you dream life is not worth going into or continuing.

Next is…

  • Finance/Money management

It is quoted that, Money speaks only one language, “Save me today and I will save you tomorrow.” It is true. Those who focus on the ultimate (future happiness) don’t spend all the money they earn today. They save and invest today knowing that a time will come when all they will depend on is what they have saved and invested.

During Christmas/Newyear, many individuals and families spend all their income on food, clothings, gift items, etc. without considering after-the-feast expenses such as rent, children schools fees, house upkeep, etc. After they have finished everything on the feast, they start to face financial stress later until the next salary comes when they could have avoided it earlier with proper budgeting. “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went,” said John C. Maxwell.  

If you have not been making proper budgeting before spending, there is need to make adjustment this year end. Who told you that you must buy new clothes, shoes, wrist-watches, etc. for Christmas? Before you misquote me, I am not against you buying new things. Of course, enjoying new things is good if you can comfortably afford them. But don’t go for them if you know it will cause you to eat the seeds you should keep for the next planting season. This is my point.

As you prepare for Christmas/Newyear, do not forget the need to save and invest for the newyear. Remember that you will eat and pay bills in January and for the rest of the newyear. Therefore, spend wisely. Keep a part of every income that you get no matter how small it is. It will save you a great stress tomorrow when the need for it arises, especially after the feast before your next income/salary comes.

What more?

There are other areas to touch but let me leave you to digest these two key areas for now.

I urge you to think about what I have just shared with you and do the needful and I am confident that if you do the right thing, you will end the year on a firm footing and your future self will thank you for it; you will also remember me.

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