Learning To Forgive: One Thing You Must Do

learning to forgive
Learning to forgive

All these while, you thought you can be truly happy without learning how to forgive your offenders. Right? But you don’t seem to be getting your desire, and this may likely be a reason. Perhaps, it’s because you have refused to do this one thing – extending the hand of forgivenness.

You think you can freely move on and still enjoy your best life; but it has not been possible. I strongly believe this may be a reason. You have not taken the pain to do this one thing.

Crushing this one thing to death is a must for you, if you want to be truly happy and become your best self.

What is this one thing you need to crush to death to become a happy better version of yourself?

It is simply unforgiveness. Yes, the spirit of keeping prisoners in your heart.

Some times, it pains to forgive. At a point, you think you rather die than forgive that man, woman, brother, sister, boy, girl, uncle, auntie, friend, or whosoever.

Sincerely, he/she acted like a devil and does not deserve forgiveness.

I can’t really mentioned exactly what happened.

Maybe he disappointed or broke your heart after you trustfully allow him to have your best part as a lady.

He/she came and said it was over without thinking about your investment (time, money, materials and other resources) in the relationship. Indeed it is a wicked act.

Maybe he forcefully stole your gift of virginity taking advantage of your innocence or the trust you had for him. Of course, it is devilish.

Maybe he denied the child after getting you pregnant and made you face shame and pain. It is obviously inhuman.

Maybe he/she cheated on you without minding the hurt or pain it would cost you. What a wicked behaviour!

Maybe he/she raised his hand on you; something that your parents didn’t do to you.

Maybe he/she betrayed your trust by revealing your personal life issues you made known to him/her.

I can’t see your heart; I mean, that offence you hold against that relative, friend, colleague, etc, but you know it.

See, unforgiveness is a hindrance to your personal growth, because it’s a healthy mind that experiences growth.

What weeds are to crops, so is unforgiveness to passion, vision, happiness to work towards becoming your best self.

Resentment, grudges, unforgiveness occupies the space for strategic thinking, ideas generation, passion and happiness to move on from the pain of heartbreak and attract your desired life.

Now, do you want to become your best self and live in true happiness? Learning to forgive your offender is one thing you MUST do. There is no negotiation about it.

I will leave you here. I eagerly wait to hear from you, how you are learning to forgive and set free that prisoner in your heart.

Cheers to your happiness and best life.

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