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How To Write Better: Tools You Need To Have (1)

For a long time now, I have been into the business of writing, and one good thing I discovered about writing is that, everyone can learn how to write better, regardless of profession.

I do not mean you must become a writer to succeed in life, but if by all means you can, then you should, because it holds lots of benefits. You need it to grow your business, enhance your career, increase your impact and all that.

Why you should become a writer is not the focus of this article. This article is about developing or carving out the writer in you. So let’s leave that there.

Are you an aspiring writer? Do you want to become a writer but you seem not to be making progress? Here is one tool among others that you need, to carve out the hidden great writer in you. This tool is so important that you must have it in your tools box. But before then, know this.

Whatever you want to do in life and become exceptional in it, you must give it the best of efforts it requires. Becoming a writer is not a day’s job. It is a daily job. You may want to read that again. Yes, if you must grow in your writing skill, and give birth to that great writer in you, you must be determined and committed to your dream.

You’re a potential great writer, but that writer in you will not come out if you are not serious about it. Like a developing baby in the womb, the writer in you needs daily feeding and care. It needs some specific ingredients to grow and gradually, it gets mature and finally, it is delivered.

But if it is left unattended to with the belief that it will naturally grow or carve itself out, I am sorry to burst your balloon. Without attention, the giant writer in you will gradually get weakened and at the end, suffers a miscarriage. That should not be your lot, and that is why I am sharing this with you today.

To become that writer you have always dreamt of, be committed to writing. Give writing the time it requires. Give it the resources it needs. Give it, give it and give it all it requires.

Now the tool.

What is this tool you must have in your tools box and use daily to carve out the exceptional writer hiding in you?

It is the tool called, habit of learning.

The habit of learning is one of the things or tools you need to develop and give birth to the writer in you. Writing is an art and becoming a writer requires that you learn this art of writing. Writing is not just to hold a pen or put hands on the keyboard and start writing and typing word. No. Writing has principles or rules. There are rules that must be obeyed to fully connect your content with your audience.

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Your writing must be meaningful and clear. It must be passing a message in a clear and meaningful way. Otherwise, no one would pay attention to you.

You’re reading this article now because you see that it is written in a clear language and it is passing a meaningful message. You can flow with the message because the sentences are not full of obvious mistakes or wrong grammar construction. How was this possible, I daily give attention to learning. Even as good as my writing may be today, I still continue to learn because I know that there is still much more I need to know about writing.

If you say you don’t write well, how many “How to write” books do you have?

How much of your time do you give to reading other better writer’s work just to learn from them?

When reading, do you pick out new things you need to use in your own writing?

How well do you know the rules of concord (subject and verb agreement)?

How much do you know about the rules of capitalization – when and where to use or start a word with the upper case?

Do you know how to grab your reader’s attention with your title or opening sentence?

You see, great writers are great learners. They are avid readers. They read a lot just to learn more. The day you stop learning, the writer in you starts dying. Get that clear.

So, what is my message to you in this article? It is simply the truth that, to bring out the great writer in you, learning how to write better is a necessity; it is indispensable. It is something you must continue to do even if you’re already an expert in writing, because without it, you cannot become a competent writer.

My counsel? Go pay attention to learning. Learn how to write better each day. Get materials on writing and start learning the art and rules of effective writing, and while you learn, keep writing and bringing your work before your audience. Trust me, as you do this, the great writer in you will be evolving or showing up gradually, and before you know it, it has fully come out for everyone to see.

I hope you got the lesson and will put it into use. If you really find this helpful, share with others as it may also be helpful to them.

Got any question or contribution? Shoot it in the comment section.

Cheers to your happiness and best life.

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