How To Study And Develop Interest In The Subject You Hate

As a student, you will face many challenges in school and how you handle these challenges positively or negatively affects your academic performances. Among others, you will face the challenge of studying and developing interest in the subjects you hate.

Yes, whether you like it or not, every academic programme will always offer you one, two or even more subject(s) you don’t like. And you are not in any position to make a choice. Hate it or like it, you cannot escape it in examination and you must pass it to be able to get your degree or diploma.

If you are experiencing this challenge, know that you are not alone. Other students are facing this challenge too. In fact, it is hard to see a student who loves all his or her subjects. Even those students you envy and regard as geniuses, they have subjects they don’t like. Personally, when I was in school (from primary school to the University), I had one or two subjects I didn’t like. Yes, the issue is not the challenge, but how you handle it. In other words, what makes the difference is knowing the strategies to make things work all the same because of what you want to achieve at the end. We shall talk more about this later in this article.

The signs that you hate a subject

What are the signs that show you hate a course or subject? If you are eager to study other subjects and happy whenever the teacher comes into the lecture room to teach it, then, you love such a subject. But if it happens that each time the teacher that teaches a subject comes into the classroom, you frown your face and never play an active role during the lecture, then it is most likely that you hate or are not interested in that particular subject. You always find it hard to study the subject you hate. Whenever you pick up to study a subject you are not interested in, you find yourself struggling to get into flow so to say. Rather than focus, you are distracted by social media such as facebook, or get into other discussions.

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Just because you find it hard to study, you leave this subject unattended to till it is close to exams. During examination, while you perform excellently in the subjects you love and studied very well, you end up having poor grades in the subject you don’t like because you didn’t give it the needed attention from the beginning.

“I am failing Mathematics, I hate that class. I have A’s and B’s in every other subjects but not this one…” said Jones.

Indeed, this is a big challenge that many students are going through, and many really want to break out of this challenge but don’t know how to go about it. They want to develop interest in the subject or course they hate but don’t know what to do so as to achieve their desire.

Are you one of these students? Do you want to develop interest in that subject you find hard to study?

Then, this post is for you. In this article, you will learn 5 strategies to love the subject you hate, study it better and then A’s it.

Now, let’ get into this. Below are 5 helpful steps you can take to build interest in that subject you hate.

Strategy 1: Focus On Your End Goal

As a matter of fact, in the journey of life, we sometimes have to study or do some things we don’t want just to get want we want. For example, say you have a dream of becoming an engineer and you don’t like chemistry or Physics, how would you be able to become your dream person if you don’t perform well in that subject you hate? You see it. So you have to bear this in mind. Whenever you feel discouraged to study a course or subject you don’t like, remember the future gain it has to offer. Think of what will become of you if you fail to do well in that subject. If you can focus on the different ways this course can improve your skills and help you achieve your dreams, and you are determined to have the gains attached to that subject, I strongly believe that you will start developing interest in it.

Strategy 2: Love The Teacher That Teaches It

Do you know that when you are not in terms with the teacher that is taking a subject, you will find it hard to love the subject too? This is very true. Yes, you tend to fall in love with a subject more when you love its teacher than you do for a subject whose teacher you hate. Is there any subject you don’t like? Check your relationship with the teacher that is handling it. More so, one of the things that make students to hate a subject is when the teacher is boring or does not know how to break it down for the student to understand which may be the reason why they hate the teacher. No matter how boring a teacher appears during classes, or his/her behaviour towards you, never develop hatred towards him/her. Yes, you may not like the style of teaching he/she uses, or the attitude, but just because you want to know the subject, do your best to be free with him/her.

Strategy 3: Believe That You Can Love The Subject

One major reason why many students never get to love or develop interest in a subject is that, they have concluded within themselves that they never have the ability to do well in that course/subject. Once you have this belief or mentality, you will never make any effort to build interest in the subject. But when you believe in yourself that you can develop interest in a subject you hate and do better at it, you increase your chance of loving it, and every little effort you put in, increases your level of interest in the given subject.

Strategy 4: Use Other Means Or Sources Of Learning

Like I pointed out in strategy 2, one of the things that make students to hate a subject is when the teacher is boring or does not know how to break it down for the student to understand. As I said, a teacher’s boring style of teaching a subject should not make you hate the teacher. That is just his/her way of teaching and if you capitalize on this, you are the one who will lose at the end of the day. So, to help you sort things out, here is another strategy you can use. Turn to other method of learning this subject. For example, after the class, you can consult online tutorials where you get to meet other tutors whose styles of teaching that topic might just be what you will enjoy. So instead of relying only on your class teacher/lecturer, meet other teachers on YouTube who can handle this in a better way.

Strategy 5: Talk To Professors And Senior Students

Another strategy to help you develop interest in the subject you don’t like is getting to know your professors/teachers and senior students who are offering this course as a major. Your professor or the teacher who teaches the subject has spent years doing that subject and they love it. You see them feeling excited when they are taking it. Talk with them; ask them why they love doing what they are doing. Find out from them the strategies that help them to be good in it. When you know your professors and why they love what they do; when senior students share their experiences and the strategies they employ that made them successful in the course, you may get insight and motivation to love the subject too.

Wrapping it up

Remember that developing interest in the subject or course you hate starts from you. Until you believe that you can build interest in that subject, study it and get better grade in it, the other strategies I have given here may not yield desired fruits. Then, realize that getting to love what you don’t like will not happen overnight. It is true that attempting to do something you don’t love or believe that you can may be hard. But then, trying to do it is the only way you can be better in it. Therefore, give yourself time to build this interest, and at the same time, ensure that you are increasing effort or making reasonable progress in your effort to apply these strategies you have just learnt. Finally, don’t forget that the best time to take action on these lessons is now, now and now, and not later. Apply them and see the result they produce.

I do hope you got value from what you have just read. Now, I love to hear from you. This list is not exhaustive. Is there any other helpful point you know that can be added to this list? Share it. Many readers like you come here to draw insight and inspiration. If this article has inspired you to take a given action, let me know in the comment section below. Your thoughts or story may be helpful to someone so don’t keep it. Share it and let us learn from you too.

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