How To Make Year 2019 The Most Fruitful And Productive Year You Have Ever Experienced – Part 2: 5 Important Steps You Cannot Do Without



This is part 2 of the 2-part series on how to make year 2019 the best you have ever experienced.

Without delay, let’s discuss the essential steps among other things that you should take to have a highly successful year.

Step #1: Have a year review

Life is a journey; the year 2019, beginning from January 1 to December 31 can be said to be some few steps in the great journey of life. Living in the euphoria or excitement that it is a new year is not enough. It’s not all about the exchange of good-will messages. It’s not all about the new places we go to visit, or the new and expensive wears we get for ourselves, etc. While all of these things are good and important, much more important are the things we must do and the changes we must make to ensure that the new year is better that the just concluded one.

How can you know what to do, or the changes to make?

Of course, it’s to review the last year. Just as Jany needs to review his last journey experience as we discussed in the part 1 of this series, so we must review our last year, 2018 experiences – both the failures and successes, as well as the bad and good experiences – before continuing this fresh year if it must be more fruitful and successful.

Year 2018 in review

Your year 2018 in review. How do you reflect, appreciate and make better decisions and become a happy better you in year 2019?

Below are 17 questions that will greatly help you if objectively answered and properly worked on. For better results, don’t just read through the questions; I recommend that you get a good jotter or note pad and write down each of the questions and take time to answer each of them.

  1. If you had to describe your 2018 in a sentence, what will it be?
  2. What new thing did you discover about yourself?
  3. What new ability or skill did you acquire?
  4. What positive impact did your friends make in your life?
  5. What was the most important lesson you learnt in 2018?
  6. What 3 or more decisions you took which you regretted taking?
  7. What did you plan to achieve at the end of 2018 which you were unable to, and why?
  8. What major goal did you lay the foundation for?
  9. What were your fears or worries that never came true?
  10. What best gift did you receive?
  11. What major problem did you solve in your family, organization or others’ lives?
  12. What purchases you made that turned out to be useless?
  13. What activities made you lose tract of time?
  14. What new good habit did you cultivate?
  15. What old (bad) habit did you quit?
  16. Was there anything you did for the very first time in your life last year?
  17. If you could relive your 2018, what would you do differently in the various areas of your life?

Step #2: Carefully examine your review

Now, having reflected on your last year’s journey, I believe you already know what went well and what did not. Or have you not found that out? Then do so. Carefully go through the questions and your answer to each of them and see where poor decisions were made, the mistakes you made, the changes that must be effected, etc. Write these down for the sake of constant reminder or remembrance.

You might have made some decisions and took steps that brought you pains and regrets. Don’t worry. You need not be troubled thinking about them because, successful people are not those who don’t make mistakes. They do, but one thing that separates them from the unsuccessful ones is that they try their best never to repeat them by applying the lessons they learnt. For me, I have resolved to be more self-conscious in my steps and ensure the best action steps are taken in every situation I will find myself this year so that I become better and live more meaningfully this year. Would you want to be fruitful or more successful in year 2019? Then, you must resolve to do the same.

Step #3: Have PDG’s for the year

Making the journey through this year a happy better one than last year’s requires that we set important goals to work towards.

What are your PDG for 2019? I know you may be wondering what the letters, ‘PDG’ mean.

PDG’s simply stand for Personal Development Goals.

Your PDG’s for 2019 are well-structured and clearly written goals on how to develop yourself and become a better person in the various areas of your life in the new-year.

To have a better sail on the sea of 2019 and arrive at its shore happier and more fulfilled, your Personal Development Goals should include the following:

  1. To build spiritual capacity. To achieve this goal, create practical steps to move from just having a distant relationship to quality and more intimate fellowship with your God.

2.To increase your knowledge bank. This should entail the inspirational/motivational books/messages to study/listen to in 2019. In your review, is there a knowledge gap? Are there things you should have learnt that you did not learn? Include them here.

  1. To enhance your professional and career development. The examinations you have to sit for, courses to enroll for, seminars, conferences or workshops to attend, relevant professional or career associations and groups to join in order to boost your professional or career achievement.
  2. To build meaningful relationships with mentors and coaches. Where you are aspiring to be, there are people who are already there. Set a goal to connect with these more successful people in 2019 as they will add great value to your life and work.
  3. To develop new relevant skills and improve on already existing ones. This involves the hand skill, computer skill, writing skill, etc. to learn, improve and master to enhance your ability to serve people and earn more.
  4. To create products or/and services. Using your present skills and knowledge, set a goal to start a business that offers products/services that people need to multiply your impact and increase income level.

8 .To break negative relationships or friendships. It is possible that some of the poor decisions or mistakes you made in the previous year stemmed from the wrong people you mingled with. To avoid repeating these mistakes, set a goal to cut off those relationships/friendships that do not add positively to your life.

  1. To increase financial capacity. Set a goal to attain a better financial level through proper money management practices such as budgeting, wise spending, saving and making investment.
  2. To break bad habits and behaviours and form good ones. From your last year review, did you discover a bad habit that made the year less successful? Create a plan to break it this year. This could be binge eating, excess sleep, procrastinating, smoking, comparing yourself to others, etc. Draw out a plan to replace these destructive habits with good ones.

NOTE: Your new year PDG’s are not new-year resolutions.                                                                   

Newyear resolution as it is commonly known are what almost everybody makes and majority fail to stick to their so-called resolutions. For example, just a few weeks into the new-year, the one who resolved never to smoke again has started smoking.

PDG’s are more than mere verbal resolutions. They are for the few who truly desire to live better and achieve more in the new-year. Unlike resolutions, PDG’s are to be written down with the plans or steps to follow so as to bring them to reality.

Step #4: Break your PDG’s into specific objectives

Have you heard of MDG’s before? Each of your PDG’s is broad. To make them achievable, each of the goals should be broken down into smaller units or more specific targets with set dates to achieve the targets. Let’s take PDG 1: Building spiritual capacity, for example. This is a big goal. How do you improve your relationship with God? It requires that you come up with specific targets you will hit every day. This include: Praying, studying the Bible, meditating on the Word, taking fast, etc. Again, how many minutes/hours will you spend daily praying? How many chapters of the Bible will you cover in a day? How many days will you fast a month? Etc. Breaking your goals into specific targets and attaching deadlines make it possible for you to measure your progress.

As a second example, let’s consider PDG 9; increasing financial capacity. First, you may need to get a higher paying job. If needful, when will you start submitting applications? Then, what percentage of your income will you be setting aside as monthly saving? What is your budget for each month so that you don’t spend your money on unimportant things? Having all these on ground make it easier to achieve your goal.

Step #5: Take Action Steps

The next step in creating a happy better year is to move into actions. Follow through the specific targets for each of your goals. When you have developed your PDG’s for 2019, then start the journey. Begin to take practical steps to achieve each of the set goals. And remember, it is a gradual process. Don’t be too much in a hurry as unnecessary haste leads to great waste.

This is it! This is what you need to become a happy better person and become more successful as you journey through the New Year. I’m confident that you will have a happy better sail and achieve more if you do your best to follow the steps in this guide among others.

This is part 2 of the 2-part series on how to make year 2019 the best you have ever experienced. I hope this series add value to you.



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