How To Make Year 2019 The Most Fruitful And Productive Year You Have Ever Experienced –Part 1

This is part 1 of the 2-part series on how to make year 2019 the best you have ever experienced.

Dear reader, it’s with great joy I say, Congratulations! You made it to the New Year, 2019. It is a great testimony because there were times in the course of the just concluded year, 2018 that it seemed it was all gone. All hopes appeared to have been lost. At one point or the other, we were almost swept away by the great wind of life’s challenges. But in the midst of the storm, the ever faithful and merciful Lord God stood with us in the boat, and with a word of command to the roaring sea, there was a great calm. The tempest stopped and we safely arrived at the shore of 2018. Thanks to the Lord.

In everyone, lies the power to succeed. Embedded in us is the seed of greatness. Surely, before the year began, the Creator had already put everything in place for our happiness, and all that is left for us is to take the necessary steps to actualize the plan of God for our lives. And what is God’s plan for our lives especially as young people? It’s to live in obedience to His words, creating a happy and better future for ourselves.

The last year may have been nothing to write home about. Maybe it was full of many mistakes and errors, blames, disappointments, failure, lost hopes, lack, etc., and this may be giving you fear and worry as you begin the New Year. You may be asking: The economy is unfriendly, how do I get that job? My examination is approaching, how do I succeed? I’m fed up of heartbreaks; I need a working relationship that will lead to a happy home, but now, how I do start and not face disappointment again?

I understand…

But do you know that all of these can be converted to stepping stones that will take you to greater height this year?


It is the beginning of a new year; another opportunity and great privilege to change your seemingly mess to a message that will change your world for good. A time to begin afresh the journey to a bright and fulfilled future.

Yes, it is another year; the much awaited year, 2019.

Amidst your fears and worries, you hope to succeed. You love to be happier, better and more successful this year than last year. Candidly, this is my earnest desire too. But do you know what? To actualize our hopes or desires, certain things must be put in place and followed through. And that is what I want to show you in this guide.

What are the steps I need to take in order to achieve greater level of success this year?

Before answering the above question, let’s look at the following illustrative story.

Jany is a skilled driver who can covers great distance without losing a single ounce of strength. He owns a car with which he intends to travel to a desired destination.

Jany decided to begin a journey, but just before this, he had just returned from one a few days back – a far journey in which he had both good and bad experiences.

At various points, he missed his right paths that lead to his destination because he had no map which directs him. Consequently, it took him extra time, strength and fuel to retrace his steps.

For Jany’s failure to take along a spared tyre, he had to go through the struggle of getting a new tyre when he had a flat tyre (no proper gaging) on the way. Unknown to him, one of his headlights had developed fault and realizing this when it was night fall, it became terrible driving with one headlight; journey was slowed down increasing total journey period.

Thank God he had enough fuel in his car’s tank. Although fuel was sufficient, he arrived at his destination far behind schedule with struggle and pain.

Now, Jany is ready for another journey of similar distance using the same car.

Here comes the question…

If you were Jany, what would you do before embarking on this second journey to make it a better one; a journey where you will ensure you do not suffer the inconveniences and pains you went through in the previous trip?

Before you continue reading, take a pause here. Write down at least, 3 things you would do if you were Jany before you begin this new journey.

Are you done now? Ok, welcome back!

So what and what does your list contain?

Well, for me, what I believe Jany needs to do before starting another new journey is to have a thorough review of his last journey. If I were Jany, I would consider both my good and bad experiences; what went well and what did not. Those things I needed to do that I failed to which consequently made the journey unhappy one.

Here are some examples:

  1. Finding out beforehand the right paths that leads to my destination
  2. Making provision for a spare tyre after properly gaging the fixed one
  3. Checking the car’s headlights if they are in good working condition
  4. Ensuring there is enough fuel, water and oil in case I need more, etc.

Now back to the question: What steps do I need to follow through so as to achieve greater level of success this year? What do I need to put in order now, the beginning of the New Year so as to end it well as expected?

It is exactly what Jany needs to do before embarking on his new journey.

This is part 1 of the 2-part series on how to make year 2019 the best you have ever experienced.

In the part 2 of this series, you shall learn the practical steps you need to take in order to make year 2019, the best year you have ever experienced.


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