Experiencing True Freedom, Fulfillment And Love As A Young Person

It’s the desire of every human being on earth, especially teenagers and young adults (youths) to feel free, fulfilled and loved. In a bid to get freedom, satisfaction and love, majority of these young people engage in different activities but only to realize in the end that true freedom, satisfaction and love cannot be derived from what they do. In fact, the more they engage in the acts, the more they feel caged, unfulfilled and unloved until they find this sure way and embrace it. And you know what, nothing frustrates more than the feeling of guilt, sadness and emptiness that comes from doing what you believe would be a great source of liberty, satisfaction and love.

While this article is for everyone, it is particularly for young people – teenagers and young adults (youths). It’s pathetic that today, majority of young people (including those who claimed to be Christians) get themselves involved in acts that do not bring true happiness. In this article, I will focus on one which I can say is the most prevalent.

What is in your mind?

Well, you may have guessed right. From what I see and hear happening in the society today, the most prevalent activity that many engage in to experience freedom, satisfaction and love but only to get disappointed at the end is simply this:

The keeping of an unhealthy relationship.

Please, mark my use of words, ‘Unhealthy relationship’.

By ‘unhealthy relationship’, I mean a relationship where those involved live without boundaries. In plain or clearer terms, it is the type of relationship where people lose their sense of true identity, and abuse themselves or their bodies by engaging in premarital sexual activities such as romance (kissing, caressing, etc.) which culminate in the actual act of sex. Need further details on this? Read 22 Signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Why do they do this? For what reason do they choose to take part in an unhealthy relationship?

At best, they do this for three reasons:

  • Feel free. For instance, students who should focus on their academics take to immoral relationship the moment they leave home for school in an attempt to exercise their freedom from parental or guardian’s control. They want to prove to themselves and friends that they are old enough to take decisions and lead their lives the way they choose. And don’t want to remain any more under parental control or restricted by some sort of religious beliefs. Read this article: Academics and relationship: which is more important to you now?
  • Feel fulfilled or satisfied. As young naïve people who are beginners, they feel a longing – the feeling of unhappiness or incompleteness as singles and so want to satisfy their craving. And once they get into the game, this feeling gets stronger and so continuously seek to satisfy it to feel fulfilled.
  • Feel loved. Many engage in an unhealthy (unholy) relationship to feel loved. They want to have someone they can call a lover; one who cherishes and cares for their emotional, material and financial needs.

One baffling thing is that, many of these young people don’t mind who the opposite sex is; all they focus on is getting the moment satisfaction with no thought of the aftermath – the negative impact their action can bring on their lives. You’re meeting someone for the first time and in the next few hours, you are already partners in the business of immoral sexual activities.

But the question is, does this business of an unhealthy relationship really produce true freedom, fulfillment and love? Do you truly feel freed, fulfilled and loved in your inner being after engaging in an immoral sexual activity with the person you call your boyfriend, girlfriend or any other person who is not your husband or wife?

Dear friend, the fact is, whether you are meeting someone for the first time or you have known each other for a long time now, going into an unhealthy relationship with him/her for whatsoever reason (to feel uncaged, satisfied or loved) is destructive to your promising future. Going in that direction will slow down your journey or even stop you from getting to your God-given destination, which is, unleashing your fullest potentials and living your best life.

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