Do You Belittle Yourself? Here Is Why You Must Stop Doing So Today

If you had the opportunity to choose your parents, physique (colour, height, body shape, etc), home country, etc, would you choose what you have now?

What is your answer? If you answered “NO”, then I vehemently put it to you that you are wrong.

But never mind, because I know the reason for your answer. So, as humans, I won’t blame you. We learn every day. Isn’t it?

The Creator, God Almighty is perfect and all of His products were made perfect. No product leaves His Factory Room (FR) with a single defect or mistake. God does not produce any product without having a plan for it. So, as far as God is concerned, He carefully planned you before you came to the earth. To be more specific, God planned your:

  1. Purpose. Your purpose is what you were created to do on earth. You are not on earth to look at people’s faces or earn salary, or bear children, and then die. You are here to make the word a better place by doing something special for which you will be remembered.
  • Parents; the vehicle through which God brought you to the physical world. No matter who your parents are, they were the best channel for you to come to earth as far as God is concerned. This is because, God was not sleeping or drunk when He picked them.
  • Continent, country, state, or home-town. You are a member of your country home for a reason. God knows those countries you wish you were from before He chose your country.
  • Physique (colour, height, head shape, nose and lip size, etc.). God was not short of the materials to give you the kind of physical appearance you desire when He was fashioning you.

I can’t emphasize enough the above bullets. See, you are God’s masterpiece, His workmanship and handiwork.

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According to the Bible Expository Commentary (New Testament), the word, “workmanship” is translated poiema which means “that which is made, a manufactured product.” In simpler words, you are God’s hand-made, He himself made you and because He is a perfect manufacturer and planned you beforehand, He carefully made you and gave you the best shot ever possible.

Concerning physique, I have heard stories of persons who complain about their body built. While some say they are too short, others say they want to be tall like Mr. A. They wish they had the physique of another person. There are those who do not like the shape of their head, nose; the size of their lip. To have this mentality is bad in the sight of God; and also, it is self-defeating or limiting. There are others who wish they were from another country or family. Some others see themselves as mediocre because they cannot do what others are doing.

Are you one of these persons? If yes, why do you think and act this way?

Why do you belittle yourself?

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Why do you feel inadequate or think you are not good enough and wait for validation from people before you feel happy? The world’s current population is more than 8 billion persons. And out of all these, there is no one who has the same look or design as you; not even your twin brother or sister (if you are twin). This alone tells you that you are a unique and God’s special made.

On this subject of physical appearance, a Nigerian gospel artiste once said: “God used all His techniques to give you a perfect physique that makes you unique before all your colleagues and that even when you do not visit the boutique, you always look classic.” Yes! That is just it! What this means is that, you don’t need cream, eye pencils, lipstick, artificial hair, nail painter, etc. to look beautiful. Without all of these make up materials, you’re already made up by the Master Creator to be a change agent to the world.

Why do you sometimes think that you came from the wrong parents, state, or country? 

Obviously, it is because of your present life condition. But the truth is, your parents, or country are never responsioble for your current state of life. You may argue this but that is just the fact, and the earlier you believe it and start taking responsibility for your life, the better it is for you. This is because, until you start taking responsibility for your life, you will never make a headway. You will keep seeing others or the government as the cause of your challenges.

So, stop regreting having your kind of parents, physique or being a citizen of your country. No matter the circumstances surrounding your birth, how you look and your present condition, you are unique and you carry the potential to make this world a better place.

You are wonderful because anything short or more of that when God was fabricating you in His factory would have totally cancelled his purpose for your life. You would not have been able to fit into His plan and purpose for your life.

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Today, choose to be a happy better version of yourself, unleash your fullest potential so you can live your best life.

Cheers to your happiness and best life.

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