Depression: One Sure Way To Break Loose From It

This post is about how to overcome the enemy of success called, depression. In this article, I will be sharing one of the ways one can break free from the chain of depression and move on to live happy and better. If you are someone suffering from depression, and you desire to overcome it, then ensure you follow me to the end.

Now, let’s get started.

I wonder how brighter and better the world would become if those living in depression can break out to unleash their potentials.

As a personal development trainer, I have got the privilege of interacting with young people, sharing their personal stories. And one thing I discover why many find it hard to move on to live their best life is that, they are depressed.

Depression is one of the cankerworms that are gradually eating up the future of many people, especially teenagers and youths today. Many have lost their sparkling future and many are at the verge of losing theirs because of this cankerworm.

Are you a teenager or youth or even an older person reading this and you are depressed? Do you feel like life is not worth living or you think you cannot amount to nothing in life because of one ugly event or experience in your life?

Come on, it is high time you got up from that bed of sorrow and start living your best life. No matter how awkward or ugly the event is or was, you can still become a happy better version of yourself, unleash your fullest potentials and live the best life you desire.

If you are a victim of depression and you are scared of your life or feel caged and don’t know how to break out of your fears or worries, here is one secret to find help and break loose. I am sharing this secret or strategy with you so that you can apply it and be totally free from the cage of sadness or depression.

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Now, what is this secret?

It is taking the courageous step to share your pain.

One of the major reasons why many cannot overcome depression today is simply the fact that they have decided to keep their pain to themselves. They fail to realize that a problem shared is a problem half solved.

Are you depressed? There is a cause; there is a reason for your depression and you know it very well. Perhaps, it is a particular challenge you are going through in one area of your life or another. May be in finance, relationship/marriage, academics, health, business, etc. It could be a mistake you made that is eating you up. It could be a sexual abuse (a rape) you suffered from someone you trusted, e.g a family member or friend. Whatever is the challenge that is giving you pain which in turn is making you to feel depressed, don’t keep it to yourself. Don’t keep silent. In other words, open up. Let it out.

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Yes, look for someone TRUSTWORTHY to share that ugly story of your life that is eating you up with and seek wise counsel.

Note the word, TRUSTWORTHY.

Don’t share your story just with anybody. Not one who will run you down, make you feel worse or someone who will broadcast you after hearing your ordeal.

Look for someone trustworthy; one who you can confidently confide in. One who can encourage you, give you the right counsel, and tell you that there is hope for you no matter how bad your story makes you look.

The moment you are able to share your bitter story with the right person, you will never remain the same. You will instantly feel better about yourself. This does not mean that the challenge will automatically disappear. No, but to a great extent, you will be relieved of your fears and worries. The wise counsel, the words of encouragement, the love and care you will receive from the person you confide in will make you have a better perspective about your life.

Yes, this is one way you can become a ‘happy better you’ when it comes to dealing with depression. If you are a victim of depression try this and see the wonder it rocks. Do you know anyone who is depressed and you love to help? Share this article with them. You don’t know how much it will help them.

Do you have anything more to add to what you have just read that will add value to what is already here? Share it in the comment section.

I hope this note encourages you. Thank you.

To your happiness and best life.

Oghovemu D.O.

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