Competence And Character: Why You Need Them To Succeed In Business and Life.

Imagine you’re about embarking on an important journey, and there you’re at the motor park. Having paid for a seat, you got into the car waiting to move. While waiting for the car to be filled with passengers, you discovered that the man to take the steering seat is under the influence of alcohol though he is an expert in the driving profession. Would you accept to be driven by such a driver even though he perfectly knows his driving job? Of course, you wouldn’t.

Again, here comes another driver to handle the steering. For this driver, he is of good character or behaviour except that he lacks the ability to drive the distance you’re about going. In other words, he is not a competent driver. Again, I put it to you, would you embark on your journey using this driver? Of course, you wouldn’t. Why? Because you love to have a safe trip.

Having read the above cases, what do you say concerning the role of competence and character in the fulfillment of your potential?

As a matter of truth, to become successful in your profession and in life generally, character and competence are indispensable. Meaning that you must be competent in your work or what you do and at the same time build the right character.

One of the reasons many fail in business and some others could not be retained in their jobs is that they lack the right attitude or character though they are very good in their job. Also, others fail woefully in the work place business and other areas because they do not know what they claim to know (their job) though they have the right attitude.

Great POTENTIAL CARRIER, no matter how good you are in your work which maybe writing, fashion/web designing, teaching, coaching, etc, no reasonable client will continue to do business with you if you do not have the right behaviour/character such as good customer care or service, honesty or truthfulness, politeness, and the like.

The reverse is the same. If you like, be 100% perfect in character, no one will patronize you the second time the moment he/she realizes that your work is cut-and-nail so to speak.

Have you wondered why some graduates can’t retain their job? In most cases, the problem is lack of either one or both of these indispensable tools of competence and character.

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No matter how law-abiding you are in an organization, no employer will keep you if you cannot deliver the value they expect from you and for which they pay you. And also, irrespective of your expertise in your job, you will not be accommodated if you fail to play according to rules and regulations.

Think about it, how can you maintain success in your work when you do great jobs, but you are unreliable and untrustworthy, and have no respect for your fellow workers or customers/clients. It is not possible. And do you think people will demand for your service or goods when you cannot give them the value of what they pay for though you may give them all the attention and care they need? It is not done.

What is my message to you in this post?

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On your journey to the fulfillment of your full potential, take along with you these two tools – COMPETENCE AND CHARACTER. They are irreplaceable. One cannot take the place of the other. Both of them are essentially needed if truly, you desire a lasting success in your place of assignment.

Therefore, I urge and encourage you; strive daily to improve on your skill; know your job better each day. Read and study books that teach what you do, ask those better than you better ways to work, go for further training, etc. Like what one of my great friends humorously says, what you don’t know is your senior brother. Meaning, it can order you to sit down when you actually want to stand. Yes, ignorance is as powerful as that.

To competence, add good character in your words and action. Respect your clients/customers. Be obedient to leadership; get rid of unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, drinking of alcohol, quarrelling (especially for the females), pride, etc.

I’m fully confident that if you are able to build competence and maintain noble character, you will rock wonder in your world. You will be highly successful in your field or profession.

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