As an undergraduate, a graduate or a prospective Corps member, do you always wonder how you can avoid all the pitfalls that many Corps members fall into and have a successful NYSC year?

Then, you need to read this book “The Happy Better Corps Member: Your NYSC Year; How To Maximize It And Prepare For Life After Service.”

After reading this book, you will:

  • Have a first-hand knowledge of what the NYSC programme entails.
  • Get acquitted will the likely challenges Corps members face and how to better handle and overcome them.
  • Have all your fears and worries over your posting totally disappeared or erased.
  • Know the best strategies to ensure the best of a national service year.
  • Know how to prepare for life after service so that you will not have to join the countless number of Corps members who are unhappy with their lives for lack of job after service.

What this book will teach you

  1. What activities to expect in the NYSC programme during and after orientation.
  2. Why worrying over the state you will be posted to is a waste of time and mental energy.
  3. The important goals you need to set for yourself to achieve during the one year of service.
  4. How to make extra income in addition to your monthly stipend “Allowance”.
  5. How to build and maintain meaningful and valuable relationships that will help you achieve your life’s dreams.
  6. How you can serve and be positively remembered by others forever.
  7. NYSC challenges and how you can better handle and overcome them.
  8. Proven timeless time management strategies you can use to maximize your limited time and achieve more than you ever imagined.
  9. Some issues that can lead to service year extension and how you can avoid them and pass out successfully in due season.
  10. Best strategies to improve yourself, advance your career and become the sought-after candidate in the market world.
  11. Steps to maintain a constant connection with your Source (God Almighty) and not become a prey to the evil one.

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Kindle and Paperback Formats Available.


If you are someone who desires to live above limitations in this world and fulfill God’s plan concerning you, this book may be the most important book you need to read apart from the Scripture.

If you are someone who desires to live above limitations in this world and fulfill God’s plan concerning you, this book may be the most important book you need to read apart from the Scripture.

Here’s why….

Of course, many books out there teach the concept of freedom in Christ and fulfilling God’s plan for one’s life. However, in this book, the subject of gaining and sustaining your freedom in Christ, and fulfilling God’s plan has been unveiled in such an excellent and explicit way that leaves the reader with an unforgettable life-changing experience.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Why many people still live under satanic oppression even after they have been saved.
  • Satan’s secret tactics for robbing men of their freedom in Christ, and subjecting them to a life of limitations.
  • Major things (baits) that Satan uses to entrap his victims and keep them in bondage.
  • How to know it when Satan is before you with his deceptive strategies for entrapping victims.
  • Important lesson(s) from the experience of Adam and Eve that will give you an edge over the tempter, the devil.
  • Practical steps to gaining back one’s lost freedom and actualizing the plan of God for his/her life irrespective of prevailing challenges.
  • Six (6) strategies you can use to maximize and sustain your freedom in Christ, temptations and trials notwithstanding, and fulfill God’s plan concerning you.
  •  An Easter season poem-like piece that will spur you to cherish and uphold your liberty in Christ especially when you are being pressured to lose it.

Yes, the above are a great ton of benefits you would not want to miss. Without a doubt, when you get a copy of this book to read, you will not only have the above values it promises to offer. This book, “It is Finished” will ultimately help you to enjoy the untold of the finished work of Christ on the cross of Calvary which include:

  • Salvation
  • Deliverance from all Satanic insurrections
  • Access to God’s presence
  • Lasting happiness
  • Full potential of  fulfillment

Grab your copy on Amazon by clicking on “BUY NOW” and equip yourself with what it takes to live a life of freedom in Christ fulfill God’s plan for your life. Kindle and Paperback Format Available.

Kindle and Paperback Formats Available

When our hope in a love relationship or marriage is suddenly shattered and our heart is broken, we feel life is over for us. We begin to experience heartbreak which can ruin our lives if not properly handled.

Are you currently facing heartbreak and looking for healing to your bleeding heart? Do you need help on how to recover from the emotional and psychological pain you feel and gain back your lost sense of happiness and wholeness?

In the book, HEALING YOUR BROKEN HEART, Daniel has explicitly outlined proven strategies that will help you move on from your bed of emptiness, hopelessness and depression, and place you on a platform where living your best life becomes your greatest passion and pursuit.

Filled with warmth, hope, and inspiration, HEALING YOUR BROKEN HEART will teach you how you can positively accept the reality of relationship/marriage disappointments, cope with its pain and recover, instead of continually swimming in the sea of self-hatred/pity, regret, resentment, unforgivenness, anger, low self-esteem and depression that can eventually leads to the abortion of your life purpose. Summarily, you are going to learn:

  • The undeniable truth about heartbreak.
  • Mistakes you should not make to prevent future disappointment.
  • Proven steps to recover from your broken heart and move on with your life.
  • Profound inspirational quotes that will quicken your recovering process.
  • The most important message you’ll ever need to live your best life.
  • And much more…

Grab your copy of HEALING YOUR BROKEN HEART today on Amazon by clicking on ‘BUY NOW’ and start the healing process of your broken heart and finally move on to live your best life.

Kindle Format Available.


Who does not want to be happy in life? Of course, I do, you do, and everyone does. Lack of happiness is an obstacle to potential fulfilment. It robs a person of the passion and determination to move towards desired goals and get them achieved.

Many who should be happy regardless of prevailing circumstances are unable and as a result, they are losing their great dreams for lack of passion and strength to move on. There are some habits that kill or steal happiness. Those who are victims of these habits constantly find themselves feeling depressed and unhappy. They are unhappy or depressed not really because of what they are facing, but simply because they are victim of these killers of happiness.

  • Do you lack happiness?
  • Do you often fall into the state of depression?
  • Do you lack the driving force or passion to pursue your life goals?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then, you may be engaging in these habits without your knowing it. What then do you need to break out of the above problem(s)? It is nothing but this eBook, “OVERCOMING HAPPINESS KILLERS: 4 Common Habits that Steal Your Happiness; How to Crush Them and Live Happy Everyday.”

In this book, Oghovemu clearly shows how you can be happy and still have your dreams achieved difficulties notwithstanding.

Specifically, in this book, you are going to learn:

  1. Four (4) common habits that can steal happiness.
  2. The dangers of these habits in the lives of victims.
  3. Unfailing proven practical steps to overcome these habits.
  4. Profound quotes that will forever spur you to maintain the spirit of happiness, no matter the challenges you’re facing.
  5. Practical life experiences of people that will motivate and inspire you to be happy even when you don’t feel like it.
  6. And many more…

Filled with warmth and hope, Overcoming Your Happiness Killershelps you to identify killers of your happiness, how you can crush them and live your best life and help others do the same.

I know you would not refuse this offer and choose to remain in your unwanted state of unhappiness. Now, go ahead and get this book on Amazon by clicking on Purchase and download your copy today.”

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