The Good Creditor: Learn This One Lesson And Watch How Your Life Will Turn.

As Jesus narrated, on a certain day, an Israelite fell victim of a robbery attack. He was brutally wounded and left helplessly on the way. After some time,  a priest who was travelling the same road came to where the victim was. On seeing him, he turned and passed another way. In a short while, another person, this time, an fellow Israelite who was travelling the same road got to where this victim was but did not show any concern.

In his teachings, Jesus Christ gave the story of the good Samaritan. In Bible days, the Samaritans (people of Samaria) where regarded as outcast by the Israelites, and so were despised and treated with utmost hatred. So, to a Samaritan, an Israelite could be seen as an enemy.

Then, here came a Samaritan. Like I mentioned, Samaritans were not in good terms with the Israelites. So ordinarily, on seeing an Israelite in a painful condition, a Samaritan would show no concern and in some cases might make mockery of him and then walk away.But in the case of this one, he chose to be different and proved to be a good Samaritan.

Getting to where the Israelite had be abandoned after being brutally wounded, he stopped. He was moved by the pathetic and painful condition the man was going through, he was had pity on him. Although he was in a hurry to meet up with an appointment, the blood of true love flowing through his veins would not allow him to move on without helping his fellow human who needed his help. To cut the long story short, he saved the life of the Israelite and earned a great and noble title, “The God Samaritan (TGS).” Forever, he will be remembered.

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This reminds me of a quote by Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church. He said, “Those who live for self will be reduced to self but those who live for others will live forever.” What a wisdom-packed statement!

In life, it pays well to be good. Although we are not saved by good works as the Scripture says, it is an undeniable truth that we need to do good works to fulfill God’s plan or purpose for our lives (See Eph. 2:10).

“God has made us what we are, and in our union with Christ Jesus, he has created us for a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us to do.”

Now, apart from being good generally, this article focuses on choosing to be good to the person who, from human perspective does not even deserve our act of kindness.

Just few hours ago (at the time of writing this piece), I witnessed an event; a remarkable demonstration of agape love or the kind of love God wants His children to show, and that’s what inspired this article.

C, an Ijaw by tribe (Ijaw is an ethnic group in south-south region of Nigeria) went to the house of her debtor, D, to draw her money; a very reasonable amount. I believe she expected to achieve her aim of going. That is, to get paid by her debtor. But on arriving there, her expectation was instantly dashed.

What happened?

She met her debtor lying down critically sick. After asking some questions, she found that her debtor might lose her dear life if left unattended to. Acting like the good Samaritan, she placed her pressing desire on hold and decided to do the good work she was created to do.

“What can I do now to save the life of this daughter of God?” she asked.

Observing the environment, she understands that C, her debtor belongs to a church she is familiar with. Led by God’s Spirit, she quickly contacted a fellow church member of C, informing her of the ongoing. After arranging to meet in the church, D rushed her debtor in a chartered tricycle (popularly called keke) to the church where she met with D’s church member whom she had called earlier while still in D’s house, to help her get D to her Spiritual father  for prayers.

In few seconds, D was carried in a plastic chair (because she could no more walk on her own) to the stage where God’s servant was ministering. Like His Master, Jesus Christ, God’s servant was moved with compassion on seeing the condition of D even before realizing she is a member of his church. He then walked to D, laid hand on her and prayed declaring D healed of her sickness. Believe me. Immediately after the prayer, D got up from the chair and began to praise God.

After a moment, the man of God asked what actually happened. It was then C, D’s creditor narrated how she went to D, her debtor purposely to draw her money but on getting there, it was something unexpected she saw. C told how she met D lying seriously sick on the floor with no single one in the whole house to give her the attention she needed. She mentioned how she instantly changed her mind from her money to how she could save her debtor’s life which was almost gone at the time.

After her narration, God’s servant with everyone present was moved with the manner of love C has shown to a debtor.They wondered how a creditor could forget the issue of money (in this present economic state) and show such an uncommon love to her debtor.

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In the earlier story considered, we can say that what a Samaritan was to an Israelite, so is D, the debtor to C, her creditor.

Ordinarily, it is expected that C (knowing that her money would go down the drain if D dies) would look for every possible way to get her money from her debtor before she finally breathe her last breath. For most human beings (who love money more than life), in such a situation, reaction would be, “Okay, so you want to die; well it’s good but you will have to pay my debt before doing so. Wake up, wake up; find my money for me before you die if you know you want to die now.”

But for C, the story was different. She chose to be different.

Are you like the majority or one who will choose to be different from the crowd?

As I was stating, to God’s servant, C’s act of love toward D, her debtor was rare and so must be rewarded immediately before afterlife reward.

Guess what God’s servant did.

He asked how much was the full amount of money D owed to C. C mentioned  that it was M&N, but that D had paid N remaining M. Instantly, God’s servant ordered that M+ should be given to C, the creditor and not only that, he further said N should be returned to D, the debtor. Meaning that he paid over 100% of the money C loaned to D.


Isn’t it not wonderful? Yes, indeed!

Now, what does this teach us?

It pays well to be good, especially to the one who does not deserve it. In most cases, the pay or reward may not be instant like it happened to C. But certainly, it will come.

All said and done, what can we call the creditor? Of course, like the good Samaritan, she is The Good Creditor (TGC), a name or title that cannot be compared to any academic or professional title.

Having read this, what is your take home? Would you live to be different from the multitude? Could you offer similar agape love to someone when duty calls even if it is someone who hates, backbites or offended you?

I encourage you, follow the steps of the good Samaritan and the good creditor. Because that is where lies the fattest paycheck. That is the pathway to a happy better life. As I said, the pay may not be instant, but for sure, sooner or later, you will receive it with joy.

Thanks for taking your time to read. It shows your great determination to grow and become a happy better you. I hope this benefits you.

Keep striving to be a happy better you and live your best life.

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