Social Media And You (Part 1): 14 Sure Signs That Show You Are Under The Control Of Social Media

This is part 1 of a 3-part series on Social media and you.

This post is on a subject that has great bearing on our future, especially as young people. I call it “Social media and You,” and for its broadness, it shall be discussed in parts or series.

In this part 1, I will show you what Social media entails and then move on to 14 signs that prove you are under the influence of Social media.

Now, let’s begin…

What is social media/network?

According to Wikipedia, Social media is an online platform which people use to build social networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, background or real-life connections. It’s an internet-based software and interface that allows people to interact with one another through the exchange of information such as messages, pictures, videos, etc. Through it, people from all parts of the world connect and interact or keep in touch with family members, friends, and other people regardless of where they are in the globe, using the internet.

Examples of Social media sites

Examples of Social media sites today include the Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Baddoo, Eskimi, et cetera. I believe you use at least one of these sites.

Being under the control of Social media

Now, what do I mean by control or being under the control of social media? Before that, have you ever been in a situation where you always do something not because it is the right thing or most important task at hand but simply because you can’t help doing it? What this shows is that, you are no longer in control of yourself but the spirit of the action in question.

So, you are under the control of Social media if you can no longer do what you should do just because you are carried away by it. As Saint Dikeji Daniel MiyeriJesu, The Bishop of the whole world always says, “Do the right thing at the right time, and in the right way.” Social media is already ruining your life mostly as a youth when it is stopping you from doing the right thing at the right time and in the right way.

How do I know if I’m under the control of Social media?

How can you know that you are under the control of Social media? This is the heart of this part. Here are 14 signs you can use to know whether or not, Social media is in control of your life or you’re the one actually leading.

  1. If Social media/networking is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you do at night before bed when it is just for the fun of it and not for any meaningful purpose.
  2. If you cannot focus and concentrate on a task at hand because you’re engaged in social media sites – Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  3. If you find yourself being distracted by Social media during religious (Church) meetings.
  4. If you go to the rest-room carrying your cell phone to keep engaged.
  5. If you spend more time chatting or using the social media than is necessary. That is, you know it is time to do something else that is more important, yet you remain engaged.
  6. If you cannot stay for a day without checking in to social media platforms.
  7. If you find yourself using social media even while eating (on the dining table).
  8. If you check in to social media channels while walking on the road.
  9. When fun making is the only good thing you know how to use the social media/internet for. Using it just to keep yourself busy and catch fun, and not for anything that adds real value to you.
  10. If you spend so much money on data bundle (mega-byte) subscription in a month than what is necessary, when all you do is social networking for fun, and not for business (money making) purpose.
  11. If you are a present yet absent family member or friend. This happens when you communicate more with your virtual friends than with your real family members or friends who are physically present with you.
  12. If you are always eager to check your social media profile page for any notification, like, etc. even at the middle of the night when you wake up.
  13. If you become unhappy or displeased when your pictures or other posts on Facebook or other social media accounts do not get ‘comments’ or ‘likes’, etc.
  14. If you add people you don’t know and have no common interest with as friends just to increase the number of your friends list to show off.

Yes, if you have read through the above signs list, you can now say if you are an addict of social media or not.

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Dear reader, realize that allowing social media to be in control, negatively affects your life in ways you do not know, and the earlier you put things in perspective, the better.

This is part 1 of a 3-part series on Social media and you.

What are the negative effects Social media could have on your life especially as a young person? I hope to address this question in the part 2 of this series. But before then, remember that time is life; the better we use it, the better our life turns.

I hope you find this article helpful. Do share it on Facebook and other social media platforms. Pass it on to someone you think may find it useful. Many thanks and God bless you.

I hope you find this article helpful. Do share it on Facebook and other social media platforms. Pass it on to someone who needs it as I already said.

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