Social Media And You (Part 2): 13 Negative Effects Of Social Media On Your Life

This is the part 2 of a 4-part series on, Social Media and You.

In part 1 of this series, ‘Social Media and You,’ we discussed the meaning of social media, and then 14 signs that prove a person is under the control of social media.

Read the full part 1: 14 Signs that show you are under the control of Social media.

In this part 2, I shall share with you some of the ways social media can negatively impact an individual, especially young people if its excessive usage is not controlled or checked.

Here they are: 13 negative impacts the excessive use of Social media can have on your life especially as a young person if you do not control it.

  1. Slacked Or Broken Relationship With God

Spending too much time on social networking can slack your relationship with your higher power, God Almighty. It distracts you from having a smooth and productive time with God in prayer and Bible study. The fruit of this is a slacked connection with God.

  1. Waste Of Time

The use of social media can waste one’s time if not checked. Time is life as I mentioned in the part 1. Wasting a minute of your time on social media means a waste of life. On your to-do list, you’ve got a whole lot of tasks to complete: study, domestic chores, office assignments, writing, etc. Using too much time on social media wastes your valuable time and as a result, you find it hard to meet up with these more important tasks and activities.

  1. Procrastination

When you can no more control yourself in using social media, you begin to shift to tomorrow what you should do today, even now. And you know, the more you delay in doing what needs to be done, the harder it becomes to do.

  1. Reduced Efficiency and Effectiveness

When social media takes the time for your responsibilities as a Christian, leader, student, wife, etc., the zeal or passion for your work begins to dwindle, leading to a below par performance. Denying yourself adequate sleep as a result of social media engagement reduced productivity as the body finds it hard to focus and concentrate on important activities in the classroom or workplace during the day time in a bid to get back lost sleep.

  1. Spiritual Laziness

Using your time for social networking unnecessarily takes the time needed to feed your spirit man with God’s word and in prayers. And you know, when the real YOU, your soul or spirit is not fed, it becomes weak and lazy – a reason why you may find it hard to win fights in the dream world. And when the sprit part of you is weak, you become vulnerable to satanic arrows released at you.

  1. Academic Failure/Low Grades

It is has been shown that many students fail in their studies because of their excessive engagement in social media activities. They use their time to focus on their book works in chatting with friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. When you fail to face your books as you should because of Facebook, and the rest of them, the result will be examination failure or poor grades.

  1. Corruption Of Good Manner

Several cases have proved that social media is an avenue for the perpetration of corrupt activities. It is the home of pornography, sexual immorality, and the like. Once you become an addicted social media user, it becomes very easy to be carried away by these evil activities. Many young people who were of good behavior have their character corrupted on becoming fans of social media.

  1. Falling Victim Of Bad People

This may not be new to you. You must have heard news or cases of  people who fell victims on social media platforms. Especially on Facebook, many persons have met with wrong people who pretended to be friends, and their relationship with these people made them fell victims of their evil activities, such as duping, sexual abuse, kidnapping, ritual killing, etc.

  1. Misuse And Waste Of Money

You know, to be able to use any of the Social media platforms, you must have internet connection. And to be able to connect to the internet, you’ve got pay or subscribe for data bundle. Your desire to stay connected causes you to spend your hard-earned money subscribing for internet data bundle which does not give you anything useful, apart from the pleasure you derived in hooking up with friends or engaging in other unnecessary activities.

  1. Disobedience To Parents

Yes, too much engagement with social media can breed the attitude of disobedience in your young teenagers and young adults. When children (teenagers) are engrossed in social media, they find it hard to listen to parents’ advice or instructions. They consider their time on the internet more important that the assignments parents have instructed them to carry out.

  1. Poor Communication Skill

Interacting with people on social media (visual interaction) is different from real life interaction. As a result, a person who spends more time interacting on social media than he does in real life situations lacks good interpersonal skill which is one of the life skills required to succeed in life.

Read here how excessive use of social media affects communication skills

  1. Poor Health

You may ask how does social media usage lead to poor health? Here is how.

Series of studies have shown that having enough sleep is a necessary requirement for maintaining good health. Now, let me ask you: When do you go to bed each night? How many hours do you deprive your body of sleep just because you are engaged in Social media – Facebooking, Whatsapping, or other Social media platforms? Depriving your body of these hours of sleep disrupts its proper functioning, leading to ill health.

Read 6 ways social media addiction can affect your mental health.

  1. Abortion Of Destinies

The ultimate goal of the devil is to destroy great futures or destinies. Because of social media addiction, many young people (teenagers and youths) have lost their focus in the pursuit of their academic, business, career, marital and spiritual visions. For their inability to control themselves when using the internet/social media, they are unable to focus on those activities that help them to maximize their potentials, and consequently, they ruin their promising future.

This list is not exhaustive. These negative effects of social media addiction are a few among others. And having known some of the negative effects social media could have on your life, what is your decision? Taking the steps to put things in perspective means a decision to live happier and find life more meaningful.

But here comes a very important question, which is, “What ways can I use to put a check on my excessive usage of social media?”

No worries; in the third part of this series, I shall discuss with you some practical steps you can take to overcome social media addiction.

This is the part 2 of a 4-part series on, Social Media and You. Read the part 1: 14 Signs that show you are under the control of Social media.

I hope you find this article helpful. Do share it on Facebook and other social media platforms. Pass it on to someone you think may find it useful. Many thanks and God bless you.

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