Successful Students: 10 Secrets They Know

successful students
Happy and highly successful students

Do you know that those you think are better than you in class are not? Yes, They probably know these 10 secrets of successful students. You’re actually smarter or brighter than you think you are? Yes, you are more than an average student. Don’t believe any one – teacher, fellow student, or parents who call you a dull student. It’s not true.

Also, it’s not true that those who are bagging the A’s in your class are brighter than you. They don’t have two heads, but just one like you. Yes, it’s accepted that some person learns faster than others. But that is not to say that they are more brilliant or were created to head you. We were all created to be at the top.

What then is the missing link. Why do some become more successful than you?. I will tell you. They are doing some things you may not be doing. You’re not getting those A’s not because you are dull. The thing is that, there are some things you should be doing that you are not doing which the successful ones are doing.

In this post, I want to share with you briefly 10 of these things you should learn to practice as a student. And if you do, you will become like those you think were created with two heads.

Now, if you want to be among the most successful students, take note the following and diligently apply them.

1. Keep Pressing On Until You Get It

Have you ever tried to solve a problem but could not and then abandoned it? Put differently, do you run from questions because you can’t get the answer at the first or second attempt(s)? If yes, then, you’re doing the wrong thing. Highly successful students keep pressing on and never quit until they have got their desire result. This you should know and practice in your studies. You can become a happy and highly successful student.

2. Ask Questions Where You Need Clarification And Make Contributions During Class

Do you ask questions or make contributions during classes? When was the last time you raise up your hand to ask a question or make contribution during a class? If you have not been asking questions and actively participating during classes, you are doing another wrong thing as a student. Successful students play active roles during classes. They are not afraid or ashamed to ask questions.  When they have a contribution to make, they don’t hesitate to make it in the course of a lesson or lecture. This is one of things they do that separate them from the multitude. Learn this today and see how your grades will improve.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistake

One major reason why many students don’t ask questions or give contribution in class is that, they are afraid of making mistake. They don’t want to be laughed at by fellow students. Successful people don’t mind being laughed at because of mistakes. I have always said that the child who will not stand up to throw little steps because he is afraid or ashamed of falling will never know how to walk let alone running. Such a child will turn a cripple. Any student who does play active role during classes for fear of saying the wrong thing will not know better. You know better when you ask and give your contribution. Where you make a mistake, you will be corrected and then know the right thing.

4. Know Your Best Study Time. What Is Your Best Study Time?

Do you know that every student don’t have the same best time of studying. First of all, your best study time is the time of the day you get the best from your learning session. When do you learn best? Morning, day time or night hours. Successful students know their best hour of studying and they stick to it. Do the same.

5. Not Compare Yourself With Other Students

As earlier said, do you look are some persons that they are better than you? Don’t try to compare. Like I mentioned at the beginning, you may not have the same rate of understanding with others. If you’re the slow learner, then you need to give yourself more time instead of looking at those fast learners.

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6. Compete With Yourself, Not With Others

Do you try to work harder just to do better than John or Mary? Don’t do this. Focus on yourself; not on others. See how you can do better today than you did yesterday instead of trying to do better than others. Successful students compete with themselves and not with others, and this is one thing that set them apart from the many others.

7. Never Get Discouraged If You Missed It

High-flying students see failure as another opportunity to work harder and try again. In case you failed a test, an assignment or examination, do not feel bad. Even if you have to because of human nature, don’t let it take more than a few seconds. Rather than feeling bad, pat yourself on the back for ever trying at all or making the first attempt. Thereafter, work harder and try again. Your failure will turn to success.

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8. Do Not Complain Or Blame Others For Your Situation

Take responsibility for every situation you find yourself and don’t complain or shift the blame to others. When you complain or cast blames, you won’t see areas where you need to make amends, and this makes you to keep making mistakes.

9. Share Your Problems With Others

Do you have any challenge bordering you? Are you confused over an issue? Tell one or two persons you can trust instead of dying silently in pain. It is likely that you will find solution from them and even if they don’t have the solution, their words of encouragement will give you strength and make you feel better.

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10. Go Beyond Class Work

Don’t limit your study to what you learn in the classroom. After classes, take extra mile or dig deeper. Read other materials other than the ones used by your teacher. Use the internet to find answers to questions. Successful students know the importance of the internet and they maximize it. When they have assignment or project to do, they don’t limit themselves to what they have been taught in the classroom. They consult google which helps them ideas and necessary information on what they are working on. They use different text books and don’t rely on the one used by the teacher. By exposing themselves to much information on a given topic or subject, they become better knowledgeable in it than students who limit themselves to the teacher’s notes.

This list is not exhaustive. Nonetheless, if you can practise these 10 secrets, you will surely move from the buttom of your class to the top in performance.

I do hope you got value from what you have just read. Now, I love to hear from you. Many readers like you come here to draw insight and inspiration. If this article has inspired you to take a given action, let me know in the comment section below. Your thoughts or story may be helpful to someone so don’t keep it. Share it!

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