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Oghovemu Daniel Okpu

The founder of Happy Better You. 


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About Happy Better You

Welcome to Happy Better You; a personal development, educational, training and book publishing site that provide you with proven and timeless principles, strategies,  courage, information, and the inspiration you need to become the happy better version of yourselves, release your highest potential and live your best life.


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What People Are Saying

"For months now that I have been reading Mr. Oghovemu’s writings, I have been getting clarity on some of my goals.
Ogechi Juliana Eze
Author/School owner
"Daniel has helped me in difficult times in my life and I really appreciate God for his life and pray that God will continue to strengthen him"
Unity Chimenya
"Oghovemu Daniel Okpu is a writer and public speaker I respect so much. His writing skill and stamina is really outstanding. He is a life coach that has done well in the field of Human Potential Development."
Okorie Elvis
Writer/Teen Coach

The Truth About Heartbreak

Many people suffer heartbreak and struggle to move on but can't just do. This is never because they cannot actually move on but there is something they don't KNOW about heartbreak and HOW they can successfully deal with it.

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