There Is No Free Lunch


Have you ever entered into a restaurant and the waiter or waitress served you your desired plate without paying for it?

In today’s posts, I shall be discussing the topic: “There is no free lunch.”

I read a story told by Cyril Olomukoro, in his book, “The Successful You: winning against the 14 enemies of your success.”

Here is the story.

A king once summoned his advisers and commanded them to write down what they reckoned was the wisdom of the ages so that he could pass it to future generations. After much labour, the king’s advisers presented to him several volumes of wisdom. The king told his advisers that the volume was too long and he feared people would not read it. He suggested that it be condensed.

The king’s advisers went back to work and later returned with one volume. The king was of the opinion that it was still too long. His advisers went to work again and came back with just a chapter to which the king still wouldn’t accept. They went and further condensed it into just a page but the king said it was still too long. Finally, the king’s advisers succeeded in condensing the wisdom of the ages into a single sentence that pleased the king. The sentence read: “There is no free lunch.”

Dear reader, in our world today, many of us do not get our lunch – what we desire – because we are not ready to pay for it. We want it free, forget

ting that as far as good and lasting success is concerned, there is no such thing as free lunch. Every good thing you desire to have or achieve in life has a price-tag on it which must be paid before you can have it delivered into your hands.

This is a broad topic, and discussing it in full will mean that I will continue to write while you continue to read nonstop. So to be brief, this is only a summary.

What is that lunch you want?

If you are a student reading this, your lunch is academic success; right? Good. Then, be aware that passing your exams is not and will never be free. You’ve got to pay for it, and what is the price? Determination and hardwork. Take your book work serious. Do not allow Facebook, parties, video games, movies, etc, to eat up your study time. While I never say you should not have fun moments, know when it is time to quit having fun and face your book works. This is because, there is no free lunch.

Are you a business person or trader reading this? Know that your lunch, which is profit making will never come to you freely. You’ve got to pay a price to get the prize. This may include the price of honesty/truthfulness, politeness, courage, risk-taking, etc. When dealing with clients or customers, be honest with them. Don’t say one thing when you mean another. Don’t promise to deliver goods or render services you know you will not meet up with.

Don’t cheat a customer even if he/she will never find out because life has its own way of paying anyone the evil he/she has done. To retain your old customers/clients and attracts new ones, take extra mile to please and satisfy them in terms of your words of mouth, the quality or value of the goods or services you offer, the attention you give to them, etc. This is important because there is no free lunch.

Are you married or in a relationship? Your lunch is peace with and true love from your partner. Isn’t it? Good. But getting genuine love is not free. You have a price to pay to enjoy the prize or lunch. You must be truthful with your partner; as the woman, respect the man and as the man, care and show concern for the woman. Sacrifice your time, money, and other resources for each other. Be there when he/she needs your help or attention, etc. You must do this because there is no such thing as free lunch.

Maybe you are a singer, speaker or writer like me, you must know that, that lunch which is the release of powerful albums, becoming an exceptional speaker, publishing of books that are best-sellers, etc. will not happen on a platter of gold. You have a great price to pay.

You must pay attention to self-development by taking time to practice or train your voice, reading books, attending great seminars, enrolling for useful courses, writing always even when it is not convenient, etc. This is necessary because there is nothing like free lunch.

I can go on and on but so that it does not get too long, I choose to end it here for now.

It is a new day; I value you. Refuse to remain in your comfort zone; rather, take the needed actions. Say NO to time wasters such as the excessive use of social media especially Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Maintain integrity both in the secret and in the open. Be honest and trustworthy when dealing with people; work harder and I bet you, that lunch you desire will be delivered into your hands.

I hope this adds value to you.

Be a happy better you, unleash your potentials and live your best life.

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