My Life Story: How I Refused to Abort my unborn baby, and Today, My Son is a Big Boy

Valued reader, before anything, what you’re about to read now is my personal story. What I encountered some years ago.

It is one of the remarkable events that happened to me when I earlier began my journey through planet earth and if had taken the wrong decision when I was slapped by the seemingly ugly situation of life, I would have been regretting it today.

This story is full of lessons that can help you greatly achieve the best life you crave for. Therefore, as you read, I enjoin you to pay attention to every detail I will be sharing with you and take action where necessary.

Now, let’s begin.

As a growing up teenager about 2 decades ago, I met a young and beautiful lady with whom I entered into friendship. Our friendship grew to the point that we fell in love. And as you know, hardly you see two opposite sex in love today without getting involved in premarital sex. Soon, we became bedmates instead of first becoming soulmates. You can read more about becoming bedmates and soulmates in this article, “before you become bedmates.”

But if I may digress a bit, is this really good? Must one eat the unripe fruit of premarital sex because he/she is in love? No! It is an abberation. A total deviation from what the inventor of sex intended. It is a mistake you must not make.

The truth is, premarital sex is an unripe and bitter fruit, and like you know, unripe fruit aches the teeth. Premarital sex is destructive to one’s great or promising future. Only a single trial can ruin your life just like that.

Premarital sex has ruined many great lives and it’s still doing so to those who don’t yield to instruction. So don’t engage in it. If you are already deep into it, as you read this article today a rugged decision to desist from it so that you won’t fall a victim and then begin to regret later.

Now, back to my story.

Before I knew it, my lady friend became heavy. If you’re not a child reading this, you already know what I meant by the term, “Heavy”. In fact, let me just say it in plain terms. She became pregnant with a baby.

Hearing the information, I was tongue-tied. I became confused and devastated. Not knowing how to handle the situation, I called a few relatives, friends and others and informed them about the forgoing.

Guess what?

Majority advised that I get rid of my unborn baby, giving me many reasons that sounded great. Some of which were:

* Daniel, you are too young to father a child. What do you know about parenting?

* You’re not well to do financially, how can you handle the financial responsibilities of raising a baby?

* You’re just a secondary school boy. Keeping this baby means ruining your education and subjecting yourself to a life of hardship.

They gave other reasons which I can’t tell you here now.

I got almost convinced by the plausible reasons why I needed to kill my unborn child. Still, I gave room to my inner voice which was constantly telling me to ignore them and bear responsibility for my action and secure my unborn innocent baby.

My inner voice kept ringing to my ears the bell of warning and encouragement – why I should not make the mistake of flushing away my baby and the likely negative consequences I stand to suffer for life if I decided to abort the pregnancy.

I remember vividly a few points my inner voice made clear to me. Some of these included:

* Yes, you are young but you can take responsibility.

* You’re not alone. No matter how hard or difficult things turn along the way, God will bring helpers to support you and you will survive.

* Yes, your academics is important but nothing is as important as the priceless life of your baby. Choose your baby above every other good thing you can think of now.

* Your baby may be BORN without planning him. But the truth is, his CREATION is never without planning. He may be born out of wedlock, but never CREATED out of wedlock. His creation has nothing to do with wedlock but something with purpose – an important assignment to fulfill on earth.

* Daniel, you may not have any need for giving birth to the child now. But a few years to come, the world will run after this child to get solutions to their problems.

Just like the majority who gave me many reasons to abort the pregnancy of my unborn baby, my inner voice gave me many other reasons why I MUST preserve the pregnancy. I can’t mention them all here now.

After much thought, I finally decided to preserve the pregnancy of my unborn baby. The pregnancy developed and in due season, my handsome baby was brought forth into the world.

Guess what?

My baby is gradually becoming a grown up, and each time I set my eyes on him, I am forced to shed tears of joy because of how my child is shinning forth light that brightens up the dark path of many people even as little as he is.

Each day, I think within myself, ” If I had given up on taking responsibility or ownership of my unborn baby and flushed it away, how life would have been for those he has helped and many more people who are waiting for him to be helped?”

I refused to abort him, now see how grown he is.

That is the end of my story. How I refused to be discouraged and resisted all pressure mounted on me by family, friends and others to abort the pregnancy of my unborn child.

Now, without you telling me, I can perceive some questions ringing in your heart.

“Daniel, did this really happen?” you ask.

Well, you can call that fiction. But it did happen. I don’t lie to people and I will keep striving to be truthful always.

To clear every doubt in your heart, this is what actually happened. Hear me out well now.

Yes, life is beautiful and it is like a woman. As such, whatever you give to life, it gives back to you a corresponding result.

I met with life and we became intimate. My interaction or intercourse with life revealed to me that I was pregnant with a baby; my purpose, my assignment, the gift God gave me to hand over not only to my generation but also to posterity. In other words, I discovered purpose.

Thinking of the price involved in bringing my purpose to reality, I was getting discouraged.

I thought of the price; the sacrifices involved in unveiling that purpose. The pain I had to bear in carrying out my assignment. I envisaged the rough path I must go through to take the gift God gave me to those who it is meant for, my world.

I heard voices around me telling me words like:

* What do you have to offer the world?

* Nobody will listen to you if you care to take that message to them.

* You’re a good for nothing person.

* You cannot do it.

All of these pierced me to the heart but then, I encouraged myself and I said, “No, I won’t abort my pregnancy of becoming someone who can help others become the happy better version of themselves, unleash their fullest potentials and live their best life.

Finally, I decided to take ownership of my purpose, become more intentional about growing my pregnancy – my purpose of helping people become the happy better version of themselves – and bringing it into a reality.

Today, I am happy that I did not yield to discouragement or give up. With the pain of self-discipline, belief in myself, determination, and the like, I carried the pregnancy and gradually it is growing from pregnancy into someone that is helpful to many all over the globe.

Now think of it. If I had listened to those discouraging voices that told me that I couldn’t do it, or nobody would listen to me, I would have killed my purpose. And I would have denied the world the access to the gift they are now enjoying. In fact, you won’t be reading this article today. This article would have been aborted. You can see what I am saying.

My dear reader, what pregnancy are you presently carrying?

Maybe you’re actually carrying the pregnancy of a baby you never planned for and now, many voices are giving you reasons why you must abort it.

Maybe you’re pregnant with a purpose – becoming a successful writer, engineer, public speaker, coach, teacher, etc, but you want to abort that pregnancy because of people’s negative opinion of you. Maybe they have told you that you can’t make it or nobody will reckon with you if you decide to pursue your dreams. And now you want to abort that unborn baby.

Maybe you’re considering the price you have to pay (if you must give birth to that baby – your dreams) to be too much for you, and now you you are worn out and quitting is the only available option to you.

See, you have to take ownership of your destiny, purpose, or assignment on earth, and not allow any one or situation to convince you to abort it.

You must not abort your purpose. Your purpose is your essence of existence. Life is a waste without purpose fulfillment. Imagine sending your son to school to bag a degree and then returning home with nothing after providing all the needful. As a father, you won’t be happy with your son.

Similarly your father, God, won’t be happy with you if you leave this world without achieving the reason he sent you here. Your generation and posterity won’t be happy with you neither. So, don’t follow discouraging voices without and within that want to convince you to quit.

Instead of listening to the majority who give you 1001 reasons why you can’t pursue your life dreams, hear your inner voice and the few well-meaning people who tell you that you can do it through Christ that strengthens you.

Dear lady, are you pregnant with a baby, I mean a foetus, don’t abort him. Dear gentleman, has your lady told you that she is pregnant for you? Ensure that baby is preserved.

This is because he has a great life to live which you and the world will enjoy a few years to come. Never mind if the baby is coming out of wedlock. Yes, you may not have planned or wanted it, but God planned it.

Your pregnancy may not be that of an actual human baby. Whatever pregnancy you carry, that of actual baby or purpose, say ‘NO’ to abortion. If you can take ownership and pursue its fulfillment, in few years time, you will be happy that you did as heaven, the world and you yourself will thank your future self for your wise decision.

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